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  Americana June 24

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Next Guild Event:
  Sat June 24th

7:00 - 9:00 PM 
  Living Waters Gym

7229 N Knoxville, Peoria, IL
Enter from west side

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Next Guild Meeting Tues May ? , 2023,
 LivingWaters, 7229 N Knoxville, Peoria.  West building entrance.

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A Festival of Lies


The Prairie Storytellers Guild offers family-friendly entertainment for Peoria area events. 
·        Our performers have appeared at holiday events such as “The Wildlife Scary Park” sharing ghost stories, and at the “Yule-Like-Peoria-Walkabout” telling Christmas stories – both traditional and humorous. 
·        Guild members portray costumed characters at Erin Feis, the Springdale Cemetery Walk, Historical Society reenactments, and our own annual “Crooks & Characters of Central Illinois” program.
·        Schools, churches, libraries, and clubs have included our shows at assemblies, banquets, and fundraisers.  We can simply entertain, or promote your cause – such as summer reading or a spiritual theme.
·        Families have invited us to entertain at holiday and children’s parties.
·        Our audiences have their say at our annual “Liars’ Contest” by voting for their favorite tall tale.