April 14, 2003

'Dragons and Trolls' in Bishop Hill

By TAMMY WILKINSON Of The Star Courier

BISHOP HILL - First grade students from Central School in Kewanee spent Friday morning at the "Trolls and Dragons" program at the Bishop Hill Steeple Building.

More than 440 students from seven school districts will participate in the multimedia event this month.

Participating students are led through an enchanted forest, before being passed by a large eight-foot dragon. Professional storyteller Kay Price of Dunlap captivated the youngsters with a spin of Scandinavian folk tales.

Adult museum volunteers also assisted with the event and dressed as trolls with tails and custom outfits.

Overall the exhibit provides a wonderful opportunity for youngsters to learn about Scandinavian children through folk tales, games and activities.

In addition, students took part in a custom puppet show while some of the children took part with jobs as narrators and characters during the presentation. Puppet show themes highlight the "Troll and the Billy Goats" story.

In addition, students learned about trolls and their many unique characteristics. The kids took part in a hands-on project of creating their own puppet version of a troll, in addition to participating in a count-the-trolls activity.

The exhibit is sponsored by the Bishop Hill Heritage Association and supported in part by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council.