Liars’ Contest rules

Tellers must…

1.      Register no later than three days prior to the Liars’ Contest

2.      Pay a $10 entry fee, or be a guild member (also $10)

Stories must be…

1.      limited to 10 minutes (shorter is fine)

2.      family friendly – suitable for all ages

a.       free of swearing, profanity or vulgar language

b.      free from lewd or sexual language or topics

c.       not making light of sensitive topics such as violence, suicide, drugs, or other “hot topics”

3.      told without notes or a script

Contest winners will be…

1.      chosen by audience vote

2.      awarded cash prizes - $50  for 1st, $25 for 2nd, and $10 for third


If you have any questions, it is best to double check. Please ask for clarification.